Approximate age of patient Surgical / Dental / Speech
Antenatal - 20 weeks anatomy scan Some cleft lips will be picked up in your 20weeks foetal anatomy scan.  You may be referred for further ultrasounds and should receive a referral to the Cleft lip and palate team at PMH for a “chat” with one of the surgeons.  It is a good time to join CleftPALS as talking over your ultrasound detection with someone who has been through it will help allay some of your concerns.
Birth Assessment at PMH and pre-surgical orthopaedics fitted if required.  Photos of cleft taken.  Consultation with surgeon about treatment.
3 months (approximately) Lip repair done
3 - 6 months Genetics meeting
Speech parent meeting
6 months First ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat) appointment
9 months Complete palate repair and grommets inserted if required

12 months

Review of ENT, speech, dental and plastics.
18 -24 months Reviews as required
3, 6, 9, 12, 15, & 18 years Protocol record reviews
3 - 6 years Secondary palatal surgeries (if required) - pharyngoplasty
6 - 12 years Continued speech and dental treatments
Bone graft if required
12 years Ongoing dental management - orthodontics
15 years Maxillary advancement if required (Orthognathic surgery)



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