The Speech Pathologist

The Speech Pathologist will routinely assess your child (if a cleft of the palate is present) and assist with speech difficulties if required.

Initial contact with the Speech Pathologist will be close to the time of your baby’s lip or palate repair.  This is an opportunity for parents to discuss ways in which they can increase their baby’s chances of developing normal speech and language.

As your child grows older, they will receive routine checks to make sure that their speech and language is developing appropriately.  Some children may require speech therapy.  The amount of therapy your child needs may vary greatly, from a few visits to the Clinic to needing long term speech therapy.  Every child is considered individually.

Please click here to read a document prepared by Terry Washbourne the Senior Speech Pathologist, (Cleft Lip and Palate/Cranio Maxillo Facial Team) at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Speech Appointments

Here two seven year olds are having their speech appointment at PMH.  The speech therapist makes this fun where the children repeat words or sounds.

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