CleftPALS Contact Parents can truly be a blessing for the many families feeling confused or anxious or who may be experiencing difficulties along the cleft journey.  As parents of cleft babies and children our CleftPALS contact parents have experienced the many aspects of raising children with cleft lips and palates and are only too happy to talk to you about your cleft child.

Please feel free to contact the contact Parent Coordinator or the President  who will advise you of the contact person most suited to assist you.  Please note that our Contact Parents are all voluntary so we apologise that there may be some delays in responding to your enquiry.

Our postal address is CleftPALS WA, C/- Variety WA, PO Box 669, VICTORIA PARK WA 6979

To become a member or if your contact details have changed, please email [email protected]

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WA CleftPALS Committee Members - 2016/17

President - Neeva Stephen - 0416 232 156
[email protected]

Vice President -

National Rep - Neeva Stephen
Contact Parent – Bone Graft and Ultrasound Detected

Education -
Neeva Stephen and Fiona Bennett
[email protected]

Treasurer/Memberships - Katie Freeman
Contact Parent – Unilateral Lip & Alveolar
[email protected]

Secretary - Fiona Bennett
[email protected]

Initial Contact Coordinator - Fiona Bennett
Fiona Contact Parent - Bilateral lip and palate / Van der Woude syndrome
[email protected]

Ultrasound Deteceted Contact - Neeva Stephen/Pam Kane
[email protected]

Equipment Coordinator - Carolyn Reduch
[email protected]

Newsletter Editor - Belinda Thomasz 
[email protected]

Birthday Cards - Debbie Zwickl

Website Coordinator - Ivette Herzog and Genelle Trutwein
[email protected]

General Committee
Carolyn Gregory - Contact Parent – (Bilateral Lip & Palate)
Kelly Pascoe - Contact Parent - (Soft Palate & Pharyngoplasty)
Margaret Stronge-Smith - Contact Parent (Soft Palate)
Emma Brooks - Contact Parent – (Unilateral Lip & Alveolar)
Neeva Stephen – Contact Parent - (Bone Graft and Ultrasound Detected)
Ivette Herzog - Contact Parent - (Unilateral Lip and Soft Palate)
Fiona Bennett - Contact Parent - (Bilateral lip and palate / Van der Woude syndrome)
Cate Rayner - Contact Parent - (Unilateral Lip and Palate)
Carmen Bowles - Contact Parent - (Unilateral Cleft Lip)
Sharon Firth - Contact Parent - (Unilateral Cleft Lip & Palate)
Jade Kendall - Contact Parent - (Unilateral Cleft Lip & Palate)
Tahnee Brown - Contact Parent - (Unilateral Cleft Lip & Palate)
Thea Matthews - Contact Parent - (Unilateral Cleft Lip & Palate)
Amelie McComish - Contact Parent - (Unilateral Cleft Lip & Palate)
Danielle Payne - Contact Parent - (Unilateral Cleft Lip)
Ashley Deering - Contact Parent - (Bilateral Cleft Lip & Palate)
Jackie Anderson
Pam Kane - Ultrasound Detected Contact
Deb Zwickl
Erica McIntyre
Jana Peatling
Rebecca McGregor
Genelle Trutwein

We are volunteers, not medical professionals. Information on this site is not a substitute for professional advice and no responsibility is accepted by CleftPALS.